I am not a real fan of premium weapons. Either they cost money and aren't really any better than other weapons available (Bizon, Browning, Beowulf, Glock 20, Beretta 93, and perhaps CAW come to mind) or they're overpowered to the point that nobody you're playing with will have any fun or earn any cash if you use them (Wipeout, SCMITR, and to a slightly lesser degree flamer and RPG). Also, these weapons cause an inordinate amount of lag, which further ruins other players' experience. The two exceptions are the AA12 and the M41-A Grendel. Both of those weapons are stronger than any non-premium weapon of their type, but not OP enough to win a game without at least some skill. However, the satisfaction earned by working my own way up through the ranks without any premium weapons, skills, or rank purchases is well worth the extra time taken.