• Nixkreig

    On Premium Weapons

    August 1, 2013 by Nixkreig

    I am not a real fan of premium weapons. Either they cost money and aren't really any better than other weapons available (Bizon, Browning, Beowulf, Glock 20, Beretta 93, and perhaps CAW come to mind) or they're overpowered to the point that nobody you're playing with will have any fun or earn any cash if you use them (Wipeout, SCMITR, and to a slightly lesser degree flamer and RPG). Also, these weapons cause an inordinate amount of lag, which further ruins other players' experience. The two exceptions are the AA12 and the M41-A Grendel. Both of those weapons are stronger than any non-premium weapon of their type, but not OP enough to win a game without at least some skill. However, the satisfaction earned by working my own way up through th…

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  • Nixkreig

    Recommended Weapons

    July 26, 2013 by Nixkreig

    Rank 1: Glock 17

    Rank 7: Raging Bull

    Rank 15: Desert Eagle

    Rank 17: Use FAL if you must, but Deagle has better mobility. FAL gets better at rank 21 with Fast-Reload Assault Rifles and again at rank 24 when the Fitness skill is unlocked

    Rank 25: If you are using Deagle but things are getting too tricky, switch to MP7 or FAL

    Rank 29: AUG Para

    Rank 33: Nitro Express (that's pretty much it until you hit elite ranks)

    Rank 35: ARX is great and everything, but Nitro is still awesome too. Nitro saves you money, but if you must switch, ARX is a solid primary.

    Rank 41: Still Nitro or ARX. Surprise! Minigun can help kill purge nests, but its ammo costs are too high to use it as a primary.

    Rank 43: Nitro, with Mark II for heavy targets (Devs and Nests only, un…

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