This turret is a very unique turret, it holds many elements in its upgrade tiers. The special turret is helpful during the mid-section or your progress in the maps. The turret's starting armament is a tesla-like weapon that shocks enemy targets, when upgraded, it becomes stronger and shocks more then one zombie. Theres many type of turret when upgrading like a turret that freezes enemies or shoots acid in a area effect. It's best to put it in the front because it is effective especially when you upgrade it to the fourth tier. Its special upgrade is an amazing, extremely powerful, turret that shoots liquid on the floor which when zombies pass through, they burn to death quickly. Very effective against bloaters and mamushkas, with four of these in a protective barricade, they can quickly take out the ruin and devastator. The liquid clean tungsten cannon cost 400 SAS dollars

Tier 1 upgrades: Sunderland doubleshock - $500

accoustic imaging - $200

Tier 2 upgrades: Zero-k cryo rocket system - $800

Passve infrared - $300

Tier 3 upgrades: H50 acid cannon - $1200

Overdrive - $750

Tier 4 upgrades: Ronson MK6 flame turret - $3250

Self-repair - $1500

Special upgrade: "Liquid clean" tungsten cannon - $25000 (cost 400 SAS dollars)