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SAS soldier goingforthegold standing in the center of the photo.

SAS Soldiers are the main protagonists of the game.


The story began when the SAS was sent to a rural area after receiving multiple reports of zombie attacks. While they were staging in the Farmhouse, the SAS was attacked by a horde of zombies. After shooting them down and surviving the zombie attacks, the SAS now had a new mission: To find and get rid of the source of these zombies.


SAS soldiers are capable moving and shooting the zombies. (left mouse to shoot, arrow keys (WSAD) keys to move). They are also capable of fixing Barricades that prevent them from entering the map to quickly. (F key to fix barricade)

When a soldier dies, he makes a loud "DOOOL" sound which will let others know that someone in their squad is down temporarily.

In Single Player, there is one soldier. In Multi Player, there are 4 soldiers to begin with in the game.