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SAS: Zombie Assault 3 or simply SAS3 is a top down shooter developed by NinjaKiwi. It is the sequel to SAS: Zombie Assault 2. Your main goal is to kill zombies to work your way through 50 ranks. SAS3 was the first game in the series to have private matches and multiplayer. The closed beta was released on March 24, 2011 and since then the game has gone through numerous updates.


  • As of March 2012 SAS: Zombie Assault 3 has had over 17 million gameplays and counting.
  • SAS: Zombie Assault 3 gets about 70-80 thousand gameplays per day


03/27/2011: Fixed multiplayer lobbies

03/28/2011: Made getting into a game easier

03/29/2011: Fixed broken singleplayer, fixed incorrect rank unlocks
Untitled (5)

The old equip menu

03/31/2011: Improved neverending round bug, made devastator xp sharing more fair

04/01/2011: New explosions, improved map graphics contrast, reduced unnecessary zombie barricade attacks

04/04/2011: Added coming soon to Flamethrower and CAW, made some zombies tougher

04/06/2011: Reduced shadow zombie problem, rank now shows in

The old skeletons

lobby, fixed shooting audio cutout

04/07/2011: Fixed one of many devastator bugs

04/18/2011: Fixed another devastator bug, fixed zombie death delay, changed lobby system

04/21/2011: Made everything work properly when players leave mid-game

04/28/2011: Fixed LMG menus, added three new maps (Farmhouse, Airbase, Karnivale)

05/04/2011: Updated map images so the edges fade to black

The old character design

05/12/2011: Smaller maps are easier, singleplayer campaign working better

05/13/2011: Changed ammo prices


The even older character design

05/20/2011: Improved equip menu, fixed premium guns, improved minimap rendering, added cash bonus powerup crate and removed ammo powerup crate, added purchasable cash and rank, and buffed SPAS-12/changed description

05/25/2011: More low level zombies per match

05/27/2011: Changed zombie spawning

05/31/2011: Fixed crazy menus, improved neverending round bug, and changed some zombies' health

06/07/2011: Open beta released

06/10/2011: Added How to Play menu

06/17/2011: Added more rounds per match, images of dead devs and blood splatter from mamushka stay on the map. CAW available for purchase

06/27/2011: Fixed sentry gun glitch and added singleplayer pause

07/07/2011: Added gibs

08/03/2011: Added the Flamethrower

08/08/2011: Improved Flamethrower hit detection and damage

08/10/2011: Improved Flamethrower lag

08/11/2011: Added private matches

08/29/2011: Saving becomes more reliable

08/31/2011: Allowed 2 & 3 player private matches

09/29/2011: Added purge mode and a Flamethrower/RPG buff

10/26/2011: Added the abillity to purchase grenades and sentry guns during the game

11/02/2011: Increaced RPG price to 1,400 mochi coins

12/19/2011: Released SAS for iPhone, iPod, and iPad

12/21/2011: Beowulf buff (one extra pierce)

02/10/2012: Rank 40's now get zero XP

02/20/2012: Update for iPhone

02/22/2012: Cryo grenades added

02/26/2012: Selectable purge/onslaught/apocalypse modes, ten Elite Ranks, Nightmare mode for ranks 40+, new guns, new skills, six cryo grenades to start the game, smaller muzzle flashes

02/27/2012: Fixed no cash for nightmare bug, buffed CAW at close range, removed nightmare from singleplayer

03/01/2012: Update for iPhone, private matches and daily missions added

06/25/2012: Added SAS Zombie Assault TD.

07/19/2012: Added Apocalypse mode to SAS Zombie Assault TD.

10/15/2012: Login and premium system turned to NK instead of MochiGames and your procces turned to NK from MochiGames.

03/20/2013: Added new Sentry Gun.

03/21/2013: Increased Sentry Gun damage.

SAS3 FanartEdit

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