The MGL turret is a unique turret, basicly it's a turret that shoots grenade or bombs. It can be a very good game saver, it can take out groups of swarmers with one shot. Upgrading it will make it more powerful and deadly to massive groups of zombies. It is good to put it in the back so it can not be easily damaged sense it is effective at long range. It's special upgrade is the HAND OF RA, a very powerful laser beam turret that shoots and penertrate through zombies, best for targeting last

Tier 1 upgrades: MGL-32 MK14 - $450

Smart target - $200

Tier 2 upgrades: Jupiter 60mm rocket array - $850

Burst ordnance - $300

Tier 3 upgrades: Bushmaster MK44 turret - $2500

Armour - $750

Tier 4 upgrades: Hellstorm anti-tank sentry - $5000

self-repair - $1500

Special upgrade: Hand of ra - $31000 (cost 400 SAS money)