Grenades are small exploding devices. They can be found in packs of twelve in Random Boxes or be bought by the dozen during a game for $500. A grenade can be thrown by hitting the G key. Your mouse is where the grenade usually goes. Grenades are useful for taking out large groups of weak zombies or large slower ones.

Cryo GrenadesEdit

Cryo grenades were released on February 22, 2012. They can be found in packs of six from Random Boxes, you also start with six in a match. They can be thrown by pressing the C key. They are able to freeze any type of zombie for a short period of time, cryo grenades cannot be bought. Cryo grenades can also increase the damage inflicted onto zombies, when they are frozen. What makes cryo grenades unique is they stack freeze times, so if you throw one then wait 6 seconds then throw an other it will last for 8 more seconds (1+7). Each grenade lasts for 7 seconds so an other example, you throw one, wait 5 seconds throw an other, the freeze will last for 9 more seconds seconds (2+7).

Holy Hand GrenadesEdit

Not in SAS3 but in IPhone and IPad.*

In SAS 2 it wipes out all enemies currently on the map.

In iPad and iPhone version is a grenade you can buy in packs of one and got more range and much more power than normal grenades(wen you throw it it make a 'holy sound' and whites out the screen for a brief moment)

  • Availible through hacking only on the pc.-salamander21

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