The Devastator is a type of zombie in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. It is currently the largest and most dangerous zombie there is. It will attack by either meleeing you or doing a ground-pound that has a large area of effect. Only 3-5 punches are needed to kill a person with full health and can destroy a barricade in one punch. It also constantly spawns 9-12 skeletons until destroyed. The Devastator also emits a loud, high pitched roar when it releases Skeletons, a trait that can be used to your advantage. (If you have fixed screen then you can move so the the dev is near a corner on your screen, enabling you to shoot at it without missing while avoiding its ground pound attack). It's best to use high powered weapons to kill them, like the M41-A Grendel or the ZCS Wipeout. Also, a SCMITR Bio can take them out in two shots if you are right in front of it, but you may take damage while doing this. When killed, the Devastator lets out a high pitched scream along with a burping sound.

Special Ability: Summons Skeletons

Attack(s): Punch, Ground Pound (Area of Effect)

Speed: Slow - About the same speed as the Chokers



Special Abilitity: Spawns from the Devastators

Attack(s): Punch/Jab/Ground Pound

Speed: Medium - A bit slower than a Sprinter

SAS Zombie Assault Tower DefenseEdit

In SAS Zombie Assault Tower Defense, the Devastator appears on round 25. It has the ability to summon skeletons (which attack towers), create a green aroua that damages everything in its range and attack towers.

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