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The Death Squad is for people who enjoy massacring large groups of zombies in private matches and ranking up faster. This clan is well-known for its bloodthirstiness and what is called "multi-clanning". This is when we regulate special events with other groups (like the Evil Killer Clan, the Extermination Krew, and the Implacable Foreign Clan) in private matches so that all our players can fight alongslide other organizations.

Clan Information:Edit

Clan Name: Death Squad

Founder: JakeColeman97

Current Leader: JakeColeman97

Description: We are dedicated to seeing the destruction of the zombie apocalypse in SAS: Zombie Assault 3. We are a united group of soldiers that will do anything to help others, which will furthermore continue the bloodshed that we have entered upon. We do not put limits on rank, as long as you kill zombies coldy and efficiently. Our clan uses medthods of contact such as teamspeak, facebook, and twitter to organize private matches.


How to Enlist:Edit

There is an infinite amount of space for soldiers to join. Death Squad is always looking for soldiers to put the masses of zombies out of their misery at their pleasure.

To join us, send an email to and please include the following information:

1.What is your current rank? 2.How many premium guns do you own? Name them (you should at least have the M1 Garand, but if you don't have any other premiums, that is okay). 3.Are you willing to go on our chatroom or use teamspeak? 4.What is your in-game name? 5.Do you belong to any other clans? Name them. 6. Tell us a little about yourself....

Please answer these questions seriously and honestly as I will post these somewhere on the website.

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