Clans tend to pop up in online games when players want to create a space for players who dedicate more time and effort to the game. Clans usually provide several benefits, including equipment, help ingame, and teammates. In SAS 3, equipment cannot be shared but a solid team helps everyone involved enormously. With that in mind, this page exists to help clan members meet, vet new members, and gain renown.


This area is intended to explain each clan quickly and easily. Please post the clan's name, the names and ranks of members, and their weapon preferences as follows:

The VanguardEdit

This clan is dedicated to teaching new players the basic and intermediate skills needed to survive and thrive in SAS while honing the advanced techniques that keep players a cut above the rest. Full members must be above rank 30 (requires 3,556,417 experience points) and demonstrate their dedication and skill ingame to at least one Clan Official. Members must also be community players who give strong advice and respect the wishes of the rest of the group when playing matches. Recruits are now being accepted from ranks 20-29 provided they meet the previous criteria (except rank) and demonstrate their ability to two Clan Officials if their rank is above 25 and three Clan Officials if their rank is not.

I am 2314567, the leader of the clan. Nixkreig is the brains of our clan, while KJoC is my 2nd in command. Crusader, HWKILLER, Salamander, RavenSpyr, VincentJonathan, AzureTW, and Skarrface are all rank 50's who are always willing to lend a helping hand.

The Vanguard is now electing the third member to the Clan Council. Councilors will have additional weight when recommending new members and no changes to clan rules may be implemented until they have Council approval. RavenSpyr is a Councilor representing Elite Members, AlexM617 represents Members, and the third Councilor will be elected by clan Members only. RavenSpyr and AlexM617 were selected by clan leadership, but their offices are not guaranteed to be permanent. If the clan wishes to remove any Councilor from office, a majority of clan Members excluding Clan Officials must vote to remove them from office. Then, a new Councilor must be elected with a majority of votes. If no Member gains a majority of votes, the Members with the lowest vote totals will be excluded from the election (any Member with zero votes in the first round will automatically be removed from consideration, and any Members with one vote will be in the first group removed from consideration) and Members will vote again. This procedure will be used in all clan elections.

      • As the clan has declined and is near falling apart completely, i have granted FaZeRevelations (a.k.a kz190) and MSgtRazor undisputed leadership until such time as anyone ***+ claims leadership

Members List:Edit

Member Rank Clan Rank Favorite Weapons and Skills Tips
2314567**** 50

President, Elite Member

Seizure is by far my favorite. High-Capacity Magazines and Speed Boost are the best! Purge: quick exp
KJoC*** 50 Vice President, Elite Member Seizure for non-premium, Browning and Flamer as pickups, Wipeout and SCMITR for the premium experience. Highlander and High-Capacity Magazines are top skills! FAL: good in low ranks
Nixkreig*** 42 General Secretary, Elite Member Pistols and pickups (and the occasional SMG) all the way! Nitro Express is currently the best, I'm sure I'll love Mac-10 and ZCS Seizure as well. High-Capacity Magazines are awesome, especially for weapons with small clips like Nitro, RPG, and MGL-140. Don't waste your cash.
RavenSpyr** 50 Elite Member, Councilor The Bren is most likely the most overrated LMG.  Kill runners first 
AlexM617** 35 Member, Councilor Pistols (Nitro Express) and pickups (especially Browning, Grendel, and flamer). 
eddie86 50 Elite Member Mark II Sniper, Seizure, and Flamer are great weapons. Hi-Cap Mags and Highlander are great skills. Just keep moving.
Crusader67 50 Elite Member
salamander21 50 Elite Member Wipeout and SCIMTR are my favorites. massive dmg is caused by both. Hi-cap mags and faster reloads keep you firing all day. Speed Purges are my speciality
HWKILLER789 50 Elite Member
VincentJonathan 50 Elite Member
AzureTW 50 Elite Member
Skarrface 50 Elite Member Seizure, MK2, Minigun, and Wipeout are my personal favorites. Speed Boost and Hi-Cap mags will keep you alive for a long time. Don't waste Cryos
ronskierrc 50 Elite Member
LinuxIsFTW 50 Elite Member
ThomasM155 50 Elite Member Nitro Express, MAC-10, Mark II, ZCS Seizure and M134 Minigun for non-premium. M41-A Grendel, C.A.W., ZCS Wipeout, SCMITR, RPG-7, and M2 Browning for premium, Highlander, Hi-capacity magazines, and Speed Boost are my favorite skills. Camp choke points
MSgtRazor** 49 Elite Member AUG Para, M1014, FAL, MG4, Deagle, and M240 MAG


49 Elite Member SCMITR FTW.
basswielder 37 Member Nitro Express all the way
U_SF_Player 33 Member AUG Para is cost-effective and efficient, pickups are sometimes better than anything available at your rank and completely free.
pierrebe4492 32 Member G20, Grendel, SCMITR. Mobility matters. Fitness and Fast Reloads are important skills to have. Clear front first.
Provisional Members: Edit

McDojoNinja (rank 28, needs further vetting due to clan bylaws)

halo2000 (rank 25, needs further vetting due to clan bylaws)

popoface (rank 19, needs to reach rank 20 and then be auditioned by 3 Clan Officials)

StarBurst1234(rank 20, needs further vetting due to clan bylaws)

Currently accepting applications


Several of our members are among the best players in the game. This table lists but some of their achievements. The last update was at 3:00 PM, PST on July 26th, 2013.

Feat Description Members
Ultimate Rank Reach rank 50 (Elite X) 2314567, KJoC, eddie86, crusader67, salamander21, HWKiller789, RavenSpyr, VincentJonathan, AzureTW, Skarrface, ronskierrc, LinuxIsFTW, ThomasM155
Top Kills Join the top 100 all-time kills leaderboard

Azure TW (4th, 3,438,925), salamander21 (5th, 3,114,363), ronskierrc (26th, 1,547,394), Nixkreig (48th, 1,135,957), ThomasM155 (61st, 1,155,641)

(Note: the top 25 scores certainly hacked, their places are discounted. The 26th may have hacked, but absent conclusive evidence their score stands)

Top Wins Join the top 100 all-time wins leaderboard AzureTW (1st, 3,189), ronskierrc (10th, 1,526), salamander21 (12th, 1,507), Skarrface (14th, 1,480), crusader67 (32nd, 1,127), 2314567 (40th, 968), VincentJonathan (42nd, 937), ThomasM155 (30th, 1,214), basswielder (64th, 716), RavenSpyr (67th, 697), AlexM617 (79th, 643), KJoC (99th, 550)

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