• Bloater

Slices you with its knife.

Attack Damage:

Between 15 and 16 (Player has 100 health)

Chance to be seen:

Almost Certain

Special Ability:

Spawns Worms upon death.


Slowest of all zombies.

The Butcher is basically a big, robust zombies with a butcher's knife (the same ones from SAS Zombie Assault 2). Unlike in SAS Zombie Assault 2, all Butchers will always spawn worms when it dies, and the worms will attack the player who fired the killing shot to the Butcher (like in SAS aslyum). It's best to kill the weak zombies and leave these for last kills since they are slow and provides you time to fix barricades or search for supply boxes. Just be careful, because the worms are quite fast and tends to spawn late; appearing right beside you, instead of from the spot where the Butcher died.